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Technology 1,412 views Jun 29, 2020
How to safely install canon printer drivers? - Installation Guide

When it comes to choosing the best printing services, most people prefer Canon IJ printers. With one prints the quality documents without any hassle. Canon Ij printer not only serves quality printing services, but also supports the best scanning, faxing, and copying features. The printer allows the users to proficiently and effectively print the quality documents without any hassle. In this post, we are going to share the simple steps that can help you complete the Canon IJ Setup link. So, read the post carefully and follow the mentioned guidelines to complete setup without any trouble. 

Before you proceed with the  you need to complete the Hardware setup for your device.
Unbox your printer and connect it to the power outlet using the power cable.
Turn on your device.
Now, you need to save the initial settings for your Canon IJ printer. This means you need to set some system preferences like date, location, preferred language and time using the printer control panel.
Make sure you load the paper and printer cartridges properly as mentioned in the guide.

IJ Start Canon Setup: Setup You're Canon InkJet Printer

To start with the process of IJ Start Canon Setup, follow the guidelines below:

Turn on your computer or laptop.

Now, open any web browser on your device like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Edge.

Click on the URB box present on the top of your web browser and enter for the printer setup. Hit the enter button.

This web address will direct you to the homepage of the website where you can complete the IJ Printer Setup. Here, you can see the different tabs.  You need to click on the ‘Setup’ icon to proceed next.

When you click on the icon, it will direct you to the new window, here you need to provide the details like printer name or model name. You can either choose the model number from the available options or type the details manually.

Once you have provided the details, click on the enter button and you will see the setup instructions appearing on your screen. Follow the guidelines to complete the process.


Download the Printer Driver

Drivers play the most important role in the communication between the printer and computer.  If you have not installed the printer drivers or if the drivers are corrupted or outdated, your printer won’t be able to print the documents. So, make sure that you have the latest drivers installed on your devices. Here are the steps you can follow do this:

Once you are done with the hardware setup for your device, you can download the drivers following setup link.

In the same window, you choose the option given for downloading the printer drivers and software. Click on the link and proceed with the steps for driver download.

Once you do this, the drivers will start downloading on your device. You can check the downloading progress in the Footer bar on your browser window.


The Bottom Line

If you are still facing the problems even after updating the Printer Drivers, then you should remove all the drivers from your printer and try to reinstall them again. Below are the steps for doing this:

Hopefully, these simple guidelines will let you complete the ij start Canon setup for your device. All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow. However, if you have any doubt or you are unable to complete the setup process, you can simply contact the experts and seek their assistance to set up your Canon IJ printer. The experts will share all the important guidelines you needed to complete the printer setup process on your device. 

So, set up your Canon IJ printer and enjoy the best printing experience.