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Technology 850 views Feb 06, 2020
How to start configuring Webroot on different devices?

To trigger a secure root, you want to redeem the Webroot product key, which you will find in your registered email ID. During webroot com/safe you can download, install webroot. Create a Webroot protected account to support the Webroot key code together with the key webroot activation subscription.

Start protecting your gadgets from online security threats. With high probability, you have not only downloaded your security-related item to meet a product that is being introduced immediately or two, checks in a few minutes and has no effect on the exhibition. Or maybe we'll start with the Webroot Installer handle.

Computer configuration

Download guidelines To the computer working region and computer:

  • Start by creating a document in the Webroot Secure Anywhere online portal, where you can organize your gadgets in order and access protected passwords.
  • After clicking Download, simply click save your document and note the place where the item document will be placed on your computer.
  • Discover the record that you put out of sight or when you double-tap and decided by record to start arranging.
  • Place on your keyword after provocation. It can be located around the back of the external stamping.
  • Continue reading the rules as they appear.

Mac configuration

Download instructions For the Mac and computer work region:

  • Load the SecureAnywhere installer on a Mac.
  • Double-tap Webroot SecureAnywhere to start the presentation.
  • Drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere emblem into the Program envelope.
  • Open the software envelope by double-clicking the folder emblem.
  • In the envelope, double-click the Webroot SecureAnywhere emblem to start enacting.
  • In the Very First enactment window, there place the access code next to it just click Activate. When you enter the key code, at this point the frame asks you if you want SecureAnywhere to be able to create changes for your frame.
  • To check the correct layout, enter the Apple frame document and tap OK.

Android configuration

Download the instructions to your Android mobile phone:

  • Make sure you put your document in Webroot SecureAnywhere on the web portal.
  • Observing that the application will be downloaded and released on your own mechanical design, log in to Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile together with your Webroot accounts.
  • On the screen of this plan, click the menu of the device itself.
  • Then click Register.
  • Press Activate to go to the Premier implementation.
  • Information that your Webroot key and press OK. Your main code is available on the back of the external package.

Download Webroot SecureWeb :

  • Download Webroot SecureWeb from Google Play.
  • By observing that the application is downloaded and released on your gadget, key key business work can be obtained by touching the necessary symbol.
  • Information about the secret username and word SecureAnywhere. It can really be exactly the same login you use to enter documents for the Webroot SecureAnywhere online portal.

Download the instructions

  • Make sure you have built your document in the Webroot SecureAnywhere online portal.
  • Download and then install the SecureWeb application from I-tunes.
  • Information on the Apple ID keyword.
  • The SecureWeb application will open and open on your device. After logging out, here you will realize the next emblem on your home board:
  • Use this emblem to send your application.
  • To get the main work with a password, tap the Webroot emblem on the toolbar, at the point tap login button.
  • Information that the keyword and SecureAnywhere username. This is really the equal login you use to enter the document into Webroot SecureAnywhere.