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How can you check your ETA application status online

It is very important for you to know that you cannot check your ETA application status right away. As you will be able to check the Canada ETA application status once the processing of your application has been started.

It is true, that there is a particular delay between the time you have actually applied for the ETA, and the time it is actually opened. Once your application is opened and it is checked, your alteration will be processed.

If you are applying for your ETA application online, the whole process will take up to five days before you actually see the application in your account. And through this, you will be able to check your ETA status. The main question that most of the people are confused about, how can they check their ETA application?

Well, it completely depends on the type of application it is. Whether you have applied online except the ETA, or if you have applied for an ETA, or if you have applied on a paper. But still, if you face any difficulty in checking your ETA application status you can definitely contact their web form.



There is no doubt if you are applying for a Canada ETA application on a paper, the delay in your application process will definitely depend on what you have applied for. The process can even take up to several months before they actually start processing your application.

But once the processing of your application starts getting processed, they will definitely send you the acknowledgment of the particular receipt letter or even the e-mail with your client number. On the other hand, if you are having the number of your clients, you can check their status in two ways.

Here are the two ways through which you can check the status:

You can use the online tool
You can even create an online account and can link your online application.

By doing this, you will be able to get detailed information about your ETA status and that too in real-time.

How long will it take to process your online application?

It is very important, for you to understand that there is no accurate time under which your ETA application will get processed. As no ETA application is the same and due to this, it will definitely going to take different time periods in order to process the applications.


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