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Education 7,592 views Jun 22, 2017
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Program Queen's University Belfast cinema completely immerses students in the world of cinema, giving the opportunity to explore all aspects of the industry. The theory of film and film production items allow to fully grow in the profession. Students meet with experts working in a modern library, use of innovative technologies and gradually pour in the professional community. The course consists of lectures, seminars and practical work, information technology, self-study and preparation of an individual project on a selected topic. On the first and second year of study, each student has its own curator, which helps to adapt advice on emerging issues and helps to choose the right approach to training and development.

Graduates of the faculty confidently own all the knowledge and skills that employers demand from young professionals and are in high demand in the labor market. They are working on a film, on television, in the media industry and other creative fields. In addition, graduates of baccalaureate have the opportunity to continue their education at the master's and the manager to build a career in the art industry. Today the department graduates work for the BBC and HBO, participate in the creation of series ( "Game of Thrones"), organize film festivals.

The school offers undergraduate and pass on to examine the most important aspects of the electronics, electrical engineering, and computer science. Whichever direction the student is not chosen, it will have a higher chance to get a decent offer from the employer and to build a career on their specialization. Graduates of the faculty work in companies that develop software in the automotive and aviation industries, in financial companies, the public sector and companies that create computer games. Part of the research projects funded by the Research Council of England, Ireland and the European Union.

Accounting Program Queen's University Belfast are suitable for further work in the company, to prepare for professional examinations and to continue his studies in the master's program. Graduates of the program are leading experts in their field and can establish itself in the known employer.

Courses focused on undergraduate students interested in learning the accounting profession, the financier, auditor or the taxman. Courses in finance focused primarily on the study of the behavior of financial markets and the investment process. To be a successful investor, you need to know how to properly assess the financial situation, to manage a portfolio of securities, as corporations cooperate with its shareholders. All this, students learn to a bachelor of finance at Queen's University Belfast. Received education enables graduates to build a career in investment banking, management of financial funds. Graduates feel confident in the labor market, as during the training they go through practices and build partnerships with the financial sector.

About the Author: Peter Johns is a student works as an essay writer