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Technology 3,152 views Aug 14, 2017
3D scanning process

How 3D Body Scanners have Brought a Revolution in Fashion Industry


Many industries whether it is textile, health or fitness, need to update technology for making their work easier as well as accurate. If you are involved in such industries, then you must have heard about 3D body scanner used for body measurement in various industries. These machines have made a huge difference in term of finding the perfect size and fitting. Many online stores struggle with customer returns, where a customer complains about the bad size or fitting issues. To get rid of this problem, you can use 3D body scanner so that you can design the perfect fit dresses for your customers.

Talking about 3D scanning process, it includes a scanner and measurement extension software through which the scanner extracts hundreds of images of a person, and showcases multiple measurements. People working in the fashion industry know how impactful this technology is as the measurements taken are digitally created on a computer screen, which can be used for multiple purposes. This also allows consumers to choose a garment style that goes with his or her body type, which automatically reduced the ratio of customer returns.

There are many sources available which offer a wide range of 3D body scanner for industries, but not every manufacturer can meet the standard of a world class brand. ² is the best manufacturer and supplier of these 3D Body Scan machines made of the highest quality material and the most advanced technology to help you in the best possible manner. Their 3D body scanners have been serving the medical, fashion and fitness industries for years, and have gained trust and reputation due to the best-in-class services and ease while using the machines.

The point to point measurement quality of the ² scanners lets you manually select any point and get the exact distance between the points in the unit you want. Since 1979, the company has developed the research and technology for brands, retailers, and medical centers so that they can provide accuracy to their consumers.

² also offer Computer-Aided design software and pattern grading software to perform tiring work and to scale the pattern of multiple sizes at the same time. The software has unique features to grade patterns easily and you will be able to use the software according to your preferences.

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