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Education 3,104 views Sep 08, 2019
Is ESTA a 100% guarantee for entry to the USA?

There is great confusion when it comes to traveling to the United States of America under the visa waiver program. Because it is really hard to imagine traveling only with a passport to the United States. 


ESTA visa :


On the other hand, if we talk about the ESTA visa it is quite very different from other USA visas. The ESTA visa is only available to the 38 countries and these are the countries that are under the visa waiver program.


 The people of these countries do not have to go to the embassy and apply, whereas you can apply from your home directly as you can fill the form online, and there are no interviews that you need to go through.


 The requirements of ESTA are very easy to meet all you need is an electronic passport with the digital chip that contains your biometric information that is valid for another 6 months from the date of arrival in the US, an e-mail address, and a method of payment that allows the online payment. 


ESTA form:


You have to fill the form ESTA in a proper manner as all your personal information needs to be filled correctly because by the end of this procedure a proper verification is done and people who have not filled the information correctly their ESTA can get denied. One should always re-check all the information at the end to avoid any problem.  


Do ESTA guarantee entry to the US? 


ESTA authorization is a approval for traveling to the US and not for entry, although it is very difficult to enter the United States without an approval. The State embassy is very strict about the rules and regulations and they do not allow the people to enter the United States for the reasons except the pleasure and business.


 As people are only allowed to visit the US for traveling purposes and they have to come back to their own country after a particular time period which is really strictly mentioned on the ESTA. But if a tourist stays for more then the required time period which is 90 days, strict action will be taken against him and in that case, they can be deported back to their own country which can be a drawback for them as they won’t be allowed to travel back to the United States of America later on. 


Affordable cost.


Make your ESTA payment through online as the current cost of it is $14 but only if you do it directly on the ESTA website, on the other hand, you definitely have to pay more if you are doing it through the travel agent as the agent charge their own fees so if you are planning to save the money then paying the payment online will really help you. And if you are refused by the united states you will be paid back the amount you have paid and only $4 will be charged. 


Always keep in mind to apply for the ESTA before a particular time period as you will be having enough time with you if by chance your ESTA applications get rejected. Later on, you can definitely apply for a visa that can help you out in visiting the United States. 


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