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1,059 views Oct 10, 2019
What’s Important about Fonts for Business Cards?

Business playing cards are small, so we tend to think of them as incredibly innocuous. But this couldn’t be similarly from the truth. Getting your foot in a customer’s door requires A LOT of leg-paintings and in any case of that, no one wants to blow it with a run-of-the-mill commercial enterprise card. You want to make a statement. But all you have got is a measly 14 square inches to do so


You should pick out a ambitious font that fills the gap of a enterprise card. Of course, inside the hands of a master designer, even a small typeface, script font can paintings for the rest of us, pass big with your commercial enterprise card font or move home.

Here are some examples of fonts we love.


Brilliantly dramatic with only a hint of suspense, Eurocine was stimulated by Italian film posters of the 1970’s. Walking the line among glamorous and edgy, it grabs the viewer by the lapels and needs a 2d look.

Sofia Pro

Lovely, harmonious, and only a little bit spunky. A splendid multi-use font, Sofia Pro brings a touch of playfulness while maintaining its sense of poise. This business card font looks amazing scaled as much as dominate a layout or as the small print. With so many options for line weight, you may do a whole challenge just using Sofia Pro.


Thick, round, and wholesome, Milkshake’s classic experience invokes glowing chrome and Sunday afternoons. Vanilla (but never boring), these lines can stand on my own or blend properly with others. This is a super font for resumes, CVs, and titles and headers in your designs.


Childhood cartoons were practically PSAs for those jungle hazards. Instead, this Quicksand sucks you in with tidy concise lines harking back to a raked laptop Zen garden. Find your business card bliss with this elegant font.


As fashionable as a present day sky-upward thrust in downtown Tokyo, Geometria embodies a gorgeous minimalism without sacrificing form. With this commercial enterprise card font, your business has no wherein to go but up!