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Fashion 86,320 views Aug 05, 2019
iPhone Skins to protect your Phone in style!

Last month I purchased my new iPhone and thought to myself: How can I protect it better this time?

Sadly my last iPhone was covered in scratches and looked like I was rubbing it against concrete for years. I wanted to keep my new one looking fresh and clean. For those like me are many cases available but we have all faced the same issue: it makes the phone look and feel bulky.

There must be something different. Right? Right!

I found that there are some companies that offer Skins (a wrap for your phone) for all devices. Their advertisement said it's easy, cheap and makes your phone look unique. Well, all advertisements sound great - that's what ads are for.

So I decided to buy one from Ultimate Skins. Since they claim to have the world's best and first fully customizable skin, I offered a customized iPhone Skin with the Mercedes AMG logo. 

After 2 day it arrived and looked awesome. Even before applying it. I read the how-to and applied it within 3 minutes. It looks and feels amazing.


Even after 1 month there aren't any scratches since it is self-healing. No peeling off, no scratches, no dirt. So I just ordered a Macbook Skin yesterday with the Batman logo and can't wait to apply it.

I can only recommend trying them out. Especially when there is another sale going on, you can protect your iPhone for a few bucks only.


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