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5,079 views Apr 06, 2016
Frustrations of a hard working student

Students, who haven’t been smart enough to read the reviews like the one at, are currently struggling with their college assignments. They are so frustrated with the academic writing pressure that they are now strongly considering quitting their degree programs.


Not all college students become frustrated, only the ones who work really hard. When you study everyday and practice writing top class essays every now and then, you really expect to score higher grades in your assignments. And when that doesn’t happen, frustration is inevitable. Students feel like their hard work should be recognized by their lecturers. On the other hand, lecturers can’t do anything about it even when they understand the mindset of the students.


Lecturers have to be fair to all the students. Just because a student has worked really hard at his assignment, it does not qualify him to score the highest grades. The end result is what that counts; the student needs to present an assignment which is written to perfection and has no grammatical or spelling errors. Only then the student will qualify to receive the highest grades in the assignment. These days, the competition at the colleges and universities are so much that even if you consider yourself to be a great writer, you will come across students who write much better than you. Therefore, at no point you should become overconfident of your academic writing skills.


To get an edge over the others, you need to keep practicing everyday in order to improve your writing skills even further. Other than the quality of your writing work, adherence to deadline is important too. Lecturers expect their students to be disciplines and so they expect to receive the completed assignments on time. Students who deliver the work late are risking failing the assignment even if they are delivering high quality work.

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