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Other 9,419 views Mar 18, 2017
Mu Legend Has Really Complicated Dungeons And Its More Features

MU Legend is an action MMORPG from Webzen, the game is a prequel to the game Mu Online, you have to run for classes like Dark Wizard, Warmage and Summoner, Dark Lord as well as Whisperer, you have chance to compete with a huge opponents, take up crafting, the explorer of the scenic locations. Gamers have managed to get more cheap Mu Legend Zen at, it's pleasing that u4gm will try best to fulfuill all gamer's needs.

In Mu Legend, Four Classes Can Be Played
Blader is a melee class that can simultaneously resist a large number of enemies
War Mage is a wizard who wields powerful spells. It can deal huge damage to a single target or carry out AoE attacks against surrounding enemies
Dark Lord - this class could still be found in MU Online. In MU Legend, he will gain new skills and change his appearance
Whispering Death is a class that specializes in long-range attacks. Whispering Death quickly reduces the distance with the enemy, using the skills of rapid movement. Keep in mind that cheapest Mu Legend Zen for sale from

Regarding Mu Legend More Fun Details And Introduction
Players will find out why Kundun was reborn as the Lord of Darkness
The game has really complicated dungeons. They are designed for groups of five players
MU Legend is a prequel MMORPG MU Online
After the official release, a new class will appear in the game, but only 4 will be available during the PTA
All 4 classes are great for a single player. And if you want to go to the dungeon, then with the help of custom skills and various equipment, you can choose the right role for yourself. Compared to other supplier, u4gm is the best supplier of Mu Legend Power Leveling.

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