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Entertainment 143,682 views Jul 30, 2019
Madden 20 Summarize: Superstar X-Factors Create In-Game Stories

Madden 20 will be released globally on August 2nd, AE officials have revealed a lot of new details about Madden 20. When the Superstar X-Factor concept was announced, It felt like it wouldn't align with traditional football concepts and that it would be a delta to a river of overpowered players. Thankfully, that isn't the case.

No.1 QB1 Storytelling and Pacing are Excellent

Face of the Franchise will remind you a bit of Longshots, but it's different, and I'd say much better. It's not linear, but there is still cinematics that makes it feel like a story. You're essentially writing the details of the story after being given the basis of a character. You choose his name, look, the sound of his voice and his playstyle.

He inherits a tough situation on the gridiron, but you have the tools to succeed. However, if you fail, the story isn't stuck. You can always recover from the issue, even though that failure still stands within the story's progression.

The cutscenes aren't too long and overdone, and they end once you make it to the NFL. From there, the experience turns into a traditional franchise mode save where you're controlling the QB only. Because each story is a little different, and there are unique challenges with every NFL team, the entertainment value remains even after the cutscenes have stopped. You're given just enough face time with your guy to be vested in his development, and at that point, you no longer need the pre-rendered drama.

No.2 Injuries Happen to Defensive Players

I've had issues with injuries in Madden for years, and to a large degree, I still do. However, I can say I'm finally seeing injuries happen to defensive players who are involved in tackles. This was non-existent in previous versions of the game. It is especially welcomed in franchise mode where realness trumps player control over every aspect of the experience.

No.3 Speed Thresholds Feel More Valid

I play just about every sports game there is, and I've come to understand that perhaps the most important aspect of gameplay is the way speed and quickness advantages are manifested. Faster players should have clear edges in all areas where their speed makes them superior. In previous versions of Madden, speed was either too overpowered or too easily nullified.

In Madden 20, I really like the balance. Blazing fast receivers blow the top off your defense if no one has the jets or an angle to contain them. Also, with far more metrics and factors associated with QB throwing accuracy, simply getting behind the defense is only part of gaining the advantage.

I feel the impact of speed in Madden 20 in every aspect of the game. Even when an ultra-athletic outside linebacker or defensive player somehow stays in a play 20 yards down the field, you realize that only a handful of players at those positions are capable of making that kind of play.

No.4 Strong Onboarding For MUT

Allow me to be clear, I'm not a huge MUT fan, but it has nothing to do with EA or any failure to produce a strong product. MUT has the best draft feature of all the collector modes and more. I'm just not big on collector modes.

MUT, like most collector modes, can be intimidating for a novice, but the design of the interface does a great job bringing anyone along, no matter their level of experience with the concept.


No.5 MUT Pacing


I like the pacing for MUT better than most collector modes. Diamond Dynasty does a good job with this too. The busy challenges (for lack of a better term) aren't as arduous as they are in some other sports video games. You get in and out relatively quickly, and there is enough variety to keep you interested.


No.6The Play In The Trenches Is Better


Strength is another area of the game where the ratings of top players separate them from the pack. Specifically, I'm noticing some really nice looking and realistic play in the trenches. Dominant defensive tackles are shedding blocks and others may be getting stonewalled. When you go back and watch the replay to determine the factors that led to success or failure, I'm often seeing the line play as the reason.


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