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Personal 3,357 views Dec 15, 2015
The Difference between School Essay & College Essay

The basic difference between a school and a college essay lies in its length. School essays are normally shorter where college essays are normally longer. While writing a school essay, it’s actually not necessary to make it unique. If you are a school student, then the most important thing you need to perform is to maintain the format and writing style.


The teachers of your school will mainly check these two things and they will mark your essay based on that. So be attentive in your class when your lecturers provide something related to school essay writing. But for the college students, you not only need to maintain the format but also need to make sure that it is unique and informative. Otherwise, it might be accepted but it will not help you to a good mark in the exam. Most of the college essays can be done in a group, or sometimes college essay writing services can be used when dealing with difficult topics.


A school essay doesn’t need to well-researched where a college essay does. So these are the some basic differences between a school and college essay. I hope the readers will also follow the instruction in this article that I mentioned in the above.

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