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Technology 199 views Jun 16, 2022
How To Transfer Emails From Outlook Mac To Outlook Windows?

Summary: Have you tried transferring emails from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows but been unsuccessful? Don't worry; you've arrived at the right location. In this blog, we'll look at how users might tackle this problem utilizing several methods.

We all recognize the importance of contacts in our lives, but because they are tough to recall, we simply save them on our hard drives. What if we don't have access to the drive and need to export to a different platform?

Assume you're a Mac user who used Mac Outlook to store your contacts before switching to Windows. Now you need to access those emails in Windows Outlook, thus you'll need to export emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook in this case. Throughout this blog, we'll go over many methods for quickly resolving this issue.

How do I transfer my Mac Outlook emails to Microsoft Outlook?

You can use one of these two methods to import your contacts into Windows Outlook. Users, on the other hand, have the option of choosing between the two ways, depending on their preferences.

Manually Export Emails from Outlook Mac to Outlook 

Professional Solution

Let's start with the free method, and then we'll talk about the expert approach to help consumers solve this problem completely.

Is it possible to manually transfer emails from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows?

Yes, Mac Outlook emails may be manually imported into Windows. However, there are some limits that come with it. Before you can use this method, you must first save the contact file as a text file.

Then, open this file and access your emails in PST File Format. Use an external device or another method to transfer this file to your Windows PC. You'll then need to use the Import/Export wizard to import it into Outlook.

The manual method is not without problems. It has a significant potential of corrupting or harming your files, and your data will never be the same again. As a result, it is advised that you make use of

Export Mac Outlook Emails to Windows Outlook with Professional Tool-

As the manual method does not yield accurate results, it is strongly recommended that you use an expert solution to move contacts from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows. There is a lot of third-party software out there, but the Advik OLM to PST Converter is the best option.

Furthermore, this application has a simple yet contemporary graphical user interface that is easy to understand and utilize. This utility can be used by both technical and non-technical users without encountering any problems.

Follow the procedures outlined below to export contacts from Mac Outlook to Windows:-

1. To begin, download and install this software on your computer.

2. Next, navigate to the Add File tab and choose your OLM file from the list.

3. Finally, click the Export option.

4. Select PST as your file format now.

Finally, click the Export option to start the process.

Prominent Features of Advik OLM to PST Converter

The following are some of the software's unique features:-

Convert Mac OLM files to Outlook data files:- Users can convert Outlook Mac data files to PST format with this software. It also gives users a variety of saving options for converting their mailboxes. This program is simple to use for any user, from technical to domestic.

Maintains Data Integrity: This tool guarantees that the data is accurate. Throughout the process, this tool ensures that the email's data integrity and critical features are preserved. It ensures that the data of users is identical before and after the process. Furthermore, it keeps data originality even after the treatment is completed.

Export Mac OLM Files with Attachments: This software will effortlessly convert data files regardless of the file format of attachments. The best part about this software is that it keeps the attachments in their original format even after they've been processed.

Simple User Interface: This application features an advanced yet basic graphical interface that is straightforward to use for any user. This program can be used by everyone, from professionals to home users, without any problems.

FREE Demo Version: The free version of this software allows users to export and store up to 25 items from each folder. Users can, however, purchase the licensed version of this application.

The Verge

Finally, we explained how users can move emails from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows in this blog. We've also included both free and expert solutions to assist users in this predicament. Users can select any solution that meets their needs.

Free approaches, as we all know, have some limits. However, it is strongly recommended that people should use a professional solution. As it not only saves time but also assures that your data and other assets are retained when the process is completed.

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