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Health 23,624 views Sep 03, 2015
Easy Touch GCU – 3 in 1

In the era of increasingly sophisticated as it is today checking blood glucose, cholesterol and uric acid is no longer to be in hospital, is now available Easy Touch GCU that can check it all whenever and wherever you are, and easily carried away anywhere. With the multi-function monitoring system with a large LCD display makes comfortable viewing Easy Touch GCU, results metered fairly short time and accurately make us saving time and costs.

This is a breakthrough in the diagnosis of blood, because these tools simplify and accelerate test daraah sugar, uric acid and cholesterol.

Why Should Easy Touch GCU:

The price is cheap compared with other tester product
2. Strip refill easily obtainable and affordable prices
3. Lightweight and efficient enough to take anywhere
4. 3 in 1. It has been a complete untukcek glucose, cholesterol and uric acid daily

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