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Other 405 views Nov 02, 2021
Indian Insurance Sector - A Major Source of Insurance in India

Insurance in India is an expanding segment of the economy. India has become one of the major providers of medical tourism, attracting millions of tourists every year to its varied locations and hospitals. The Indian Insurance medical system is among the biggest in the entire world, having the highest population it refers to: almost 1.3 billion eligible beneficiaries. The government of India is taking billions of rupee's taxes from insurance companies every year. This is not without reason.

The face of the insurance sector in India

The indian Insurance
Despite the increasing number of tourists, the quality healthcare system in India uncompromised remains uncompromised. With an aging population, chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and HIV are on the rise. The government has also been highly active in improving the general condition of the health sector. Many private players have come into the Indian Insurance Sector, most notably state-owned public sector companies. The government encourages private players to take up their fair share in this growing business - a trend that is rapidly changing the face of the insurance sector in India.